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DOT for YOU is my design brand.
Handmade, limited edition, signed notebooks, dot for you.
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If you have any question or want to order, please, don't hesitate to contact me!
IRKA 2016 annual notebook, planner by DOT for You with Benedek Timár 
© Erika Baglyas | DOT for You

Size | 18x14 cm, 216 pages, upright format | handcrafted | limited, 5oo numbered copies 

Outside | hard cover, canvas book binding in two available colours, light and dark gray | hot foil stamping on the cover in white and black colours
Inside | flyleaf color printing | sewn, glued sheets | 2016\2017 annual review, monthly and weekly overview | basic structure is weekly format on the left side, memo section on the right side, it is 144 pages | plus 72 blank note pages | MUNKEN LYNX 100 g paper | Brandon Grotesque font

New Balance notebooks_2o15

Infinity notebooks_2o14

Polka dots notebooks_2o14

Lucky notebooks_2o14

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