artist statement

The medium of my works – whether performance, installation, object, video, drawing, photography, or actions carried out in alternative or public spaces – always reflects on the theme and subject matter chosen along the lines of a definitive concept. The complexity of my subjects is represented in my DLA research – Social trauma as life situation – the censored mind in the (Socialist) Kádár era. Through my works, I try to interpret the relationship between the public and private spheres by addressing the historical context through my own subjectivity.

As the artist’s personal approach, sensibility, and intuition hold a space of social reference, I often reflect on the judgement of the artist’s social status. Text and writing are always important elements of my works, often exceeding their limitations, and the visual environment adds an additional layer of interpretation.

I have been showing my work since 2001, often engaging with topics of a sociological, psychological or philosophical essence. Alongside my activity as an artist, I regularly contribute to art magazines, writing criticism and essays.

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